Summertime in Sin City

Standout Show: Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson ONE

They thought ahead when they made Las Vegas a sparkling oasis in the middle of the Nevada desert. Since its founding as a city in 1905, Vegas has garnered international fame as the entertainment capital of the world. Not to be confused with Hollywood, California, Las Vegas is home to uncommon nightlife, glittering casinos, world-class entertainers, and a global leader in the hospitality industry. Or in layman’s terms, a really great place to get away for the weekend. See a show, bet on red, walk the Strip. An easy half day from LA or San Diego, Las Vegas is prime weekender territory: all you need is your sweetie, (and perhaps a pact to stay away from the Little White Chapel while you’re there.)

Among my favorite shows – the ones in residency at various resort properties along the strip and the ones that travel around the globe – is Cirque du Soleil. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of attending several of the different “themed” extravaganzas – all of which originated with a small troupe of circus performers from Quebec that have evolved into a worldwide phenomena.

One of the most recent to emerge from this artistic revolution is Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson One (in its permanent home inside Mandalay Bay) – a glitzy and glamorous visual production showcasing many of the inimitable artist’s hits.

There are very few artists I can’t resist dancing to. The King of Pop tops the list. Celebrating a decade on stage, this absolutely unbelievable show pays homage to the chart-topping hits of Michael Jackson. Many of the members of the creative team, including choreographers, worked with the man himself – and it shows in the incredible talent of each of the show’s dancers.

With new mixes and effects on multi-track masterpieces like Beat It, Billie Jean, Thriller, Black or White and more, you’re almost guaranteed chills as the music literally envelops the audience. I truly felt immersed in the world of song and dance that made Michael Jackson one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century.

With tickets starting as low as $69, seeing the story of four misfits who come to lovingly embody Jackson’s artistry and legacy is than a worthwhile spend. You’d have to be a Smooth Criminal to miss out.

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