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This summer, escape to the sparkling shores of Mission Bay, San Diego’s 4,600-acre aquatic playground, featuring endless recreational activities and two spectacular resorts, the Bahia Resort Hotel and Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa, that were made for memorable family-friendly getaways.

From sun up to sun down, there’s always something entertaining to do at the Catamaran Resort, where it’s “island time, all the time,” and the Bahia Resort featuring the very best of the beach.

Island Vibes

Say “Aloha!” to the Catamaran Resort, San Diego’s original Polynesian-inspired hotel, featuring a popular bayside luau that’s fun for the whole family and several island-themed activities amidst its tropical setting. Sunset Luaus on Mission Bay, June 24 through September 2, feature a delicious all-you-can-eat Hawaiian buffet, authentic island music, hula dancing, fiery torch performers, and even a volcano that erupts confetti. Guests also receive a lei and Mai Tai. New this year is Premium VIP seating close to the stage.

Continuing the island vibe, guests can enjoy a real-life, outdoor enchanted tiki room during daily Bird Shows at 3 p.m. (except on Sundays and Wednesdays), featuring Chadwick the cockatoo and his five feathered friends, including colorful talkative parrots – all Insta-worthy photo ops!

Star-Spangled Fun

Guests can let their patriotic colors fly during two dazzling fireworks displays over Fourth of July weekend. On July 3rd Discover Mission Bay presents a fireworks show at 9:00 p.m., just offshore from El Carmel Point. Bahia and Catamaran resort guests will be treated to prime views from the shoreline.
Revelers can also board the 4th of July Fireworks Cruise aboard the William D. Evans sternwheeler, boarding at 7 p.m. at Bahia and 7:45 p.m. at the Catamaran. The fireworks show begins at 8:40 p.m.

4th of July Fireworks Cruise

Sizzling Nightlife

When the sun sets, the fun continues well into the night at the Bahia and Catamaran resorts. A sweet way to end the day, both properties offer S’mores on the Bay with complimentary s’mores kits and hot cocoa on Wednesdays at the Catamaran and Thursdays and Sundays at the Bahia, from 7-8:30 p.m.

Smores on the Bay Catamaran Resort

The Bahia Belle After Dark Cruise, Mission Bay’s ultimate party boat, will make waves on Fridays and Saturdays, 9-11 p.m. While cruising the calm waters of the bay, guests can dance to live music and enjoy their favorite cocktails and craft brews. Partygoers must be 21 years or older. Cruises depart from the Bahia Resort on Fridays and the Catamaran Resort on Saturdays. Cost: $15 for hotel guests, $25 for non-hotel guests.

Sunset Luaus fire dancer Catamaran Resort

Plan now for a San Diego getaway or summer vacation at the Bahia Resort or Catamaran Resort. Get the scoop on all of the exciting summer activities, plus special offers and promotions – including an extended stay discount of up to 25% off when you book three or more nights – by visiting and

A Long-Lost Friendship is Rekindled at The Covington in Aliso Viejo

Life has a way of bringing treasures back to us in unexpected ways. A box of photographs rediscovered in the attic. An old ring unearthed in the garden. And occasionally, dear friends return to our lives. That is the story of two recently arrived Covington residents.

More than 70 years ago, Mr. Yung Mo Kim and Mrs. Yungwha Min were teenagers, growing up in Seoul, during the Korean war. Though they did not know each other, fate would bring them together. As the battle raged, civilians in the city were evacuated and Yung Mo and Yungwha ended up on the same truck, heading south to safety.

Over the next few years as the war continued, they became friends, living in the same temporary housing neighborhood.

In 1954 Yungwha came to the United States at just 18 years old to study at Mount Holyoke College on a full scholarship. Four years later, Yung Mo followed, but by then they had lost touch.

For Yungwha Min, her new country meant new opportunities. She obtained an MA in Philosophy and an MS in Counseling and later worked as Director of the Career Center at College of Saint Rose, in Albany, NY. She also married Kongki Min, Physics professor, and raised two beautiful children; Katherine, a journalist and published author and Kollin, an environmental lawyer. After her children left for college themselves, Yungwha completely changed careers and became an International Banker.

Yung Mo Kim arrived in America already holding a law degree from Korea. Wanting to continue his education, he obtained a Master’s in Public Administration from Syracuse University and an MA in Economics from Clark University. Then, under the Teaching Assistantship program, Yung Mo received a Ph.D. in Economics from the State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY).

KoiSome 15 years after graduating from Clark University, Yung Mo earned a JD degree in Law and opened a practice in Buffalo. Over his career, he was a Professor of Economics for 49 years and practiced law for 27 years, until he retired in 2017.

As their professional careers were winding down, both Yungwha and Yung Mo began to consider what they wanted for the next stage of their lives.

Yungwha came to know about The Covington through a friend. “I was impressed,” she says. “I like that it is a small, nonprofit community, compared to many larger places.” Yungwha and her husband moved in during the fall of 2021 and they appreciate both the dedicated staff and their new neighbors.

One of her favorite spots on the campus is the Koi Pond. “The gardens and walking paths are beautiful, and I love to sit by the pond and relax. It is very peaceful.”

Last year, Yung Mo and his wife Boin, decided it was time to find a new home. They wanted to be near their son Richard, Chief of Cardiac Surgery at Cedars-Sinai, and Betty, their daughter-in-law but were anxious about leaving their friends and life in Buffalo. Betty, a plastic surgeon, suggested they consider living in one of the nearby senior communities. The Kim’s daughter Sandra, an Attorney with a PHD in Neuroscience working at Pfizer came up with a list of nine communities to look at. “The Covington was the eighth one we visited,” Yung Mo says.

In advance of their visit, Yung Mo learned from a mutual friend that Yungwha, who he had not seen since he left Korea, lived at The Covington with her husband. Yung Mo says he was excited and a bit nervous, “we had not seen each other for 70 years.” To mark the special occasion, Mr. and Mrs. Kim brought a bouquet of flowers for Yungwha.

For her part, Yungwha was delighted to learn that Yung Mo and his wife would be visiting. “It was wonderful to see my old friend again,” she says. When the Kims arrived, they were warmly welcomed by the Mins, who showed them around the community. Yung Mo says the Mins hospitality and their enthusiastic recommendation of The Covington was a crucial factor in their decision to make their home here. “Our children, who have legal and medical expertise, also agreed this was the best place,” he says.

That evening, the two couples had dinner together, and enjoyed sharing youthful memories and learning about the road each had travelled in life since then. Yungwha says they also discovered they had something else in common. “We realized that Yung Mo and my husband attended the same high school in Seoul.”

After thousands of miles and many decades, a big world has been brought closer together by one community.

Covington FineDiningRm

For the Kim and Min families, the choice, creativity, confidence, and connection they now enjoy at The Covington provides them the peace of mind to continue their journey of a life well lived. “We know we made the right decision,” says Yung Mo.

The Art of Possibility
Proudly nonprofit, The Covington is a member of the ECS family of communities for active seniors. Founded on four commitments – choice, creativity, confidence, and connection – ECS has been at the forefront of senior living in California since 1923.

At The Covington, your journey can be as adventurous or easy-going as you want. A maintenance-free lifestyle means freedom to create your future, pursue your passions and enjoy active independence. Our residences, villas, and cottages offer floor plans for all needs, freeing you from the worry of having to move again. With services to ensure your comfort and mobility, and amenities to keep you active and inspire learning, here, life is what you make it.

Our Creative Living philosophy drives lifelong learning, growth, and social and cultural connections. Here, you will find the setting, service, and amenities that support fun, fresh opportunities for self-expression and discovery. Choose from fitness for all levels, theater and singing groups, and art and dance classes – all available on campus. If you need more inspiration, our communities are conveniently located near many of Southern California’s celebrated cultural destinations.

Confidence is everything. As a nonprofit organization, ECS is continually reinvesting to improve infrastructure, services, and programs. No matter which Life Plan community you choose, you will experience relaxed, maintenance-free, sophisticated retirement living. With one of the highest credit ratings in the industry, ECS offers the security, service, and peace-of-mind that allows you to enjoy all life has to offer.

The strength of a community is the strength of its people. Relax over morning coffee with friends, take a class, attend a lecture, and delight in live entertainment. Here, your social life is as vibrant as you are. Contribute by serving on a resident club or leadership committee. Our “Resident Centered, Staff Supported” approach means you enjoy the full spectrum of quality-of-life benefits that comes from calling a Life Plan Community home. It is an environment that allows you to flourish and be your very best.

About Us
The Covington offers exceptional continuing care, retirement community living in a secure, gated neighborhood in Aliso Viejo. Our relaxed, maintenance-free, resort-style accommodations and active campus environment offer the perfect place to continue your journey of a life well lived, on your terms. Contact us today to learn more. (949) 209-3829.

There are many sayings about the alaudidae, or lark, as you are more likely to know it. To be specific, only the horned lark makes North America its home, but to be “happy as a lark,” “carefree as a lark,” “up with the larks,” “on a lark” is to be carefree, whimsical, salubrious, energetic, lighthearted. All characteristic, I discovered, of The LARK Bozeman. A boutique hotel with a unique and vibrant designation, the space focuses its attention on the world beyond its walls - yet never forgets an important interior detail.

With a focus primarily on creating simple yet modern interior rooms that welcome guests for a restful, thoughtfully curated overnight stay it is easy to get up and get out into the city as early as you want. While many hotel properties strive to keep guests on the premises as much as possible, The LARK’s goal is to get you out to explore the environs and find your “perfect adventure.”

DAP lark 5602The custom-designed Map Room will even help you find your way (think USGS maps, a collective work area with access to all the essentials - computer, phone, printer, copier) in an environment as cozy as your favorite coffee shop.

Instead of a concierge, The LARK’s crew genuinely care about this place and the possibilities it holds - “guides” who are excited to help guests navigate the local scene right outside the doors and within easy walking distance to downtown restaurants, bars and shops.

Art 8The Bozeman ethos is defined by quality of experience, not quantity of stuff - a trait that carries throughout the guest experience - from the 67 one-of-a-kind thoughtfully crafted guestrooms to the spacious outdoor walkways, landscaped plaza and covered sitting area with wood burning fireplace - the ideal spot to gather and take in the local scene. Indoors, wall installations in the guestrooms are created by local Montana artists for a truly unique, intriguing local and regional connection. Bonus! Guests are afforded complimentary access to Ridge Athletic, a local Bozeman gym located 10 minutes away.

DAP lark 5455 high resSince Bozeman boasts the fourth-largest cityscape in Montana, there won’t be a shortage of options for the kiddos either. Discover the rich history of the area at the Museum of the Rockies, a world-class cultural and natural history museum renowned for its extensive collection of dinosaur fossils, planetarium shows and changing exhibits from around the world. Our teens were particularly enthralled with the fully-mounted Montana T-Rex skeleton.

Get to know the local bear population at the Montana Grizzly Encounter. Take advantage of seasonal activities like skiing or hiking, with a short ride back to The LARK at the end of the day. Whatever it may be, you won’t be bored. After all, that’s uncharacteristic of the lark.

122 West Main Street
(866) 464-1000

Household cleaners, pesticides, pet dander, dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, mold, bacteria, pathogens and viruses - these are all indoor air pollutants that can make you and your family sick.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the term “Sick Building Syndrome” is used to describe situations in which occupants experience acute health and comfort issues that appear to be linked to time spent in a building with poor air quality. A World Health Organization Committee report suggests that up to 30 percent of new and remodeled structures worldwide may be the subject of excessive complaints related to indoor air quality. Today more than ever we are all looking for ways to make our home and work environment as safe as possible. The first step should be to ensure that the air we breathe is clean and safe.

A local Orange County company, Puréfi Air Systems offers a one-of-a- kind technology that actively seeks out and neutralizes contaminants and viruses on contact. It does so in the air and on the surfaces, so whether at home or at work – ridding the air of SARS COV-2 (Covid) and other viruses and reducing mold, tobacco smoke, dust, pet dander, chemical particulates and more.

Ineffective air filters only trap these contaminants by way of a HEPA filter – they don’t destroy them. UV light and Bipolar Ionization are passive and slow. ActivePure Technology destabilizes the outer shell of a virus, pollutant, or bacteria and turns them into harmless by-products. This Certified Space Certified Technology can literally clear the air in virtually any setting – from schools to supermarkets, hospitals to hotels, elderly care facilities to fitness centers, the applications are endless.

According to the EPA, energy-efficient homes trap pollutants with indoor levels of pollution two to five - and even occasionally upwards of 100 times higher – than outdoor pollutant levels. The bottom line is – to maintain optimal health, we need to bring clean, safe, outdoor air … indoors. Fresh air energizes you, it boosts your mood, improves your immune system, reduces airborne illness and infection – and now in the time of COVID, keeps particulates at bay – the ActivePure Technology system is proven to clean indoor air the same way Mother Nature cleans outdoor air. Your home or office shouldn’t be without one.

Protect Your Family.
Protect Your Employees.
Protect Your Customers.


Call or text Purefi now at (949) 295-9323 to schedule your FREE indoor air test or visit for more information on the scientific evidence behind the technology and the proven efficacy in both clinical studies and real-world settings.

Paradise for Any Season

For most of the world, sun-soaked Southern California holds a special mystique. Temperate weather year-round, and postcard worthy landscapes with rolling hills, breathtaking surf, and the cinematic charm of Hollywoodland itself.

For those of us lucky enough to reside in the region, the mystique can be a bit more localized - a home beach or perfect trail out the back door. Our family loves to "stay-cation" in San Diego and Carlsbad tops the list of favorite locales. Tucked between the white capped Pacific and some of the best golf courses in North America rests one of the most idyllic escapes on the west coast: The Four Seasons Residence Club, Aviara in North San Diego.

AVO 459This stunning property isn't just a resort. It can be anything you make it, really. Business trips, family retreats, friend reunions or romantic getaways all coalesce in casual elegance for an intimate, residential-style luxury "home away from home" experience perfect for short sojourns or lengthier stays (extended stay packages can be customized).

Whether you repose in one of the resort's superior amenity-rich guest rooms or opt to stay in of one of the property's stunning personal villas, the experience will undoubtedly be reflective of the verdant green grounds, Batiquitos Lagoon and crystal blue Pacific.

AVO 895Four Seasons has long been synonymous with luxury. On that front, this resort remains true to the brand. But unlike its traditional hotel properties, this Four Seasons offering consists of residences that allow for a range of options - from ownership to residential stays of virtually any length.

In celebration of spring birthdays, our family of four recently took up residence in what we imagined would be an unrivaled memory-making weekend away - and we weren't disappointed. Our accommodation featured a full kitchen, dining room, spacious bedrooms and plenty of living space to spread out, beautiful lush golf course and garden views and access to all of the resort's amenities including an array of dining choices: destination (Seasons Restaurant), al fresco poolside (Summits Grill or Palmera), in-villa private dining delivery service. For the latter, think customized experiences from artisanally crafted sandwiches to family-style dinners, all conveniently packages to go and ready for enjoyment in the comfort of your villa).

AVO 904Other property features and services? The list is seemingly endless. A pair of sparkling heated pools and whirlpools, skin and body treatments at the full-service Driftwood Spa, two state-of-the-art fitness centers, group yoga, pilates, barre and circuit training classes, playground equipment - a particular delight for parents with littles and a Kids Club (our 13-year-old still loves anything arts and crafts so "Crafty Hour" was a huge hit - she even wore her colorful tie-dye creation to school the following Monday).

Destination dining

Seasons Restaurant serves as the “culinary epicenter” of the resort guest experience where farm-to-table New Californian cuisine showcases inventive dishes inspired by seasonal and locally sourced ingredients in a setting defined by an abundance of natural light and modern beach-town charm. The service here - and throughout the entire resort - is warm, friendly and highly attentive without being the least bit intrusive.

A team of talented chefs puts a flavorful spin on a traditional favorites - the wagyu burger is enhanced with black garlic aioli, aged white cheddar, bacon onion jam, aru- gula and duck fat herb fries, while the tagliatelle is a perfectly al dente house-made pasta with short rib ragu, whipped ricotta and picked onion.

GetFileAttachmentStrawberries are officially in season and serve as the inspiration for several specialty dishes and craft cocktails. I'm a bit of a sushi snob when sampling sashimi and fish dishes, so trust me when I say the strawberry/chili hamachi crudo appetizer was absolutely divine and worth coming back for. In fact, it was all I could do to not order the dish as an entree and again for dessert. It. Was. That. Good.

Roasted Chicken Strawberry CouliHaving a full kitchen at our disposal made it so easy to whip up meals for a leisurely al fresco breakfast and end of day glass of wine and charcuterie on our private balcony. During the day, we ventured out to pick our own super fresh strawberries at the Carlsbad Strawberry Co. and then over to the famous Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch where nearly 50 acres of blooming Giant Tecolote Rananculus transforms the rolling hills into one of the most spectacular and coordinated displays of natural color and beauty.

Land and sea activities were on the itinerary - next stop: Agua Hedionda Lagoon, where we rented a Runabout Bayliner from Josh at Carlsbad Watersports ( for a fun, fast aquatic adventure (other motorized watercraft rentals include pontoon boats, craigcats, funcats and two-person mini-boats). Looking for a more leisurely day on the water? Rent a kayak, standup paddleboard, aquacycle or Swan peddle boat.

AVO 922The choice is yours to make: stay in bed all day surrounded by coastal luxury or sign up for an open-air yoga class or tee time. Make vacationing effortless with their pre-arrival Concierge, and find your villa stocked with food and drinks, ready for the family to pile in and relax.

image22222This postcard perfection is only a short drive from Orange County - straight down the shoreline. Why wait? When the rest of the world is thinking of vacationing, and you could be living the actual dream, the mystique alongside your loved ones. Stay as long as you’d like.

The Fastest Growing E-Bike Company in Dana Point

Quite a lot of us are staying closer to home when we decide to venture out, and Doheny
Bike has adapted its entire business to stay with its customer every step of the way.

Emerging as the fastest-growing e-bike company in Dana Point, it’s by design that Jason Spates and his team have expanded their offerings, grown in their community presence, and are actively giving back.

Folks are looking for an easy way to stay active and see the neighborhood. Luckily, Doheny Bike has the local intel, and a unique “fold-n-go” bike which can easily get you to the beach, the trail, or wherever your minivan, camper converted pickup, or RV will take you. Many of us are pretty familiar with the trails, tracks, beaches, and backyard eateries within few miles of our homes or offices. While it takes a bit of imagination to figure out what you might do with kiddos who have been relatively cooped up for the past couple of years, it takes almost no time at all to sort out that two wheels on a compact frame can get you and your family virtually any amount of freedom you desire: in a community you already know and love.

DohenyBike Grey 9103With a battery ready for up to 35 miles and a 7-speed Shimano Derailleur, you can take on all sorts of terrain with speed and style. The pedal-assist feature lets riders achieve top speeds of up to 28 mph, which makes an easy jaunt to the grocery store or a ride down to the boardwalk simple and stress-free. Doheny has all the accessories you might need for a tour around town, down to the helmet and compact duffel bag. Access, mobility, personal freedom, and unrestricted travel have never been so close at hand.

“The Fold N’ Go design provides a solution for buyers that want to travel in smaller cars with electric bikes and ultimately extend their outdoor adventures.”

The demand to get outdoors and on the road is fueling the drive toward recreational activities in across the country, and e-bikes are running away with the market with a projected growth rate of close to 11% over the next few years, marching right along with a booming housing market and burgeoning infrastructure development.

DohenyBike mint green 9544 1Targeting not only recent retirees, but enthusiasts of all ages looking to stay active, get outside or simply prefer to tool around town on an E-bike - the evolved and infinitely more exciting electric iteration of the traditional two-wheeler.

While E-bike purveyors are seemingly on every corner, few have experienced the explosion in interest and growth locally like Doheny Bike - the fastest growing E-bike company in Dana Point.

This is perhaps due in large measure to the popularity, versatility, utility and affordability of the company’s Fold N’ Go collection - available in a array of colors and profiles. But undoubtedly in equal measure is the mission of its ownership to “give back to the community.”

image 50444545As Southern California natives who were lucky enough to have lived near the world-famous Doheny Beach surf spot their entire lives, Jason and Micah are now a couple of local dads who recognized the opportunity to “give back, to contribute to our community that shaped our childhood, and it felt natural to encourage mobility and personal freedom. Our freedom was nearly unlimited as kids in the 1970’s and 80’s - we wanted our own kids to be as mobile as we were.”

The idea of access and freedom have long been associated with the bicycle, and because Doheny Bike believes in sending its patrons out on adventures to places unknown where they might not have ventured before, they set out to provide an affordable solution for everyday mobility.

DohenyBike Boys GLOSSY BLACK“With the average buyer’s budget in mind, we wanted a functional riding experience that is not trendy, awkward and limited to your hometown,” says Micah. “Creating the agility of the Fold N’ Go anywhere design, we have provided a solution to buyers that want to travel in a smaller car with electric bikes and ultimately extend their outdoor adventures.”

As parents, Jason and Micah stress the importance of safety, and encourage all riders to be over 16, along with the importance of sizing the bike out, wearing a helmet, and meeting minimum requirements to ride the bikes safely on the road.

DohenyBike Girls CORAL“It should be fun, but we’re also thinking beyond fun, to community, individual expression, and the ability to remain mobile.” On a single charge, you can ride up to 50 miles. Put a basket on the back and you’re ready for the store or farmer’s market. “I wanted something better than traffic in my car and I just knew that the options I had to help my community needed to be affordable and reliable.”

With a background in commercial truck leasing and loans, and an early pandemic ride on his nephew’s electric scooter, genius was born. “There’s something about being out in the fresh air that made a great start to the day.” The recent cycling boom couldn’t agree more.

Doheny Bike
34163 Pacific Coast Hwy. #100
Dana Point
(949) 427-3305

I have to admit - I’m pretty particular when it comes to deciding where to go for dinner on date night, out for a family meal or simply stepping out to enjoy a glass of fine wine and live entertainment after work. Lucky for me, I live in San Juan and am only a stone’s throw from a popular eatery that dishes up all this and delicious Italian cuisine to boot: Brio Tuscany Grille.

Brios something tartar

This place isn’t the kind of establishment that has huge, bedazzled lights pointing to it with acrobatic sign holders out front. This restaurant respects itself in a quaint location at 24050 Camino Del Avion in Dana Point. If you didn’t know about it, you might miss it driving by. But after you read this, I guarantee you’ll make it a point to seek it out.

Partners Enzo, Marco and Peppe

For starters, the Antipasto Italiano Platter arrives with an array of flavorful favorites - Prosciutto di Parma, artisan salame, fresh buffalo mozzarella, Tuscan olives, grilled artichoke hearts, roasted bell peppers and toasted ciabatta bread. Yum! A seafood aficionado? Try the Mare Platter which is made for sharing: Buttermilk battered calamari fritti, seared Ahi tuna and blue shrimp scampi.

Brios something tartar

I love the wood-fired pizzas here. They don’t make deep-dish-American-football-sweatpants pizza. No. They serve handmade, thin, crispy, flaky crust pizza. I had the Con Carne Pizza - a meat lover’s dream topped with pepperoni, Italian sausage, Brio house-made meatball and mozzarella cheese. You know, the kind of pie you sip wine with, reflecting on the old country while a hot steam of freshness rises poetically around you. Or, as others put it: one heck of a tasty pizza.

DSC 0049

For heartier appetites, I recommend the USDA Prime Cut filet mignon dusted with fresh herbs and cooked to perfection with a hearty Barolo wine reduction and fresh herbed butter, and favorites like the Rigatoni Casa Brio characterized by grilled chicken breast, caramelized onions, roasted garlic, baby spinach, cremini mushrooms, sweet baby peas and fresh basil topped with fresh buffalo mozzarella.

IMG 4165

Brio Tuscany Grille has an incredible selection of fine wines (and a full premium bar), great nightly specials and the kind of attentive-yet-unobtrusive service that makes any meal that much more enjoyable. Visit for their menu and catering options or call (949) 443-1476 for reservations. You won’t be disappointed!

Though the groundhog warned us about eight more weeks of winter, the fact remains that spring is on its way. And with the change of seasons always comes an exciting time in food - especially at your favorite restaurants.

SST Entry Hall

My favorite go-to for a fine dining night out is Laguna Beach’s own award-winning Selanne Steak Tavern. Located in an exquisitely charming historic 1934 home on PCH the tavern is known for its delicious seasonal fare: locally farmed and fished so you get the freshest entrees and sides imaginable - from succulent steaks and chops, superb poultry, game and seafood, artisan cocktails, beers and for a burgeoning oenophile like me, selections from a singularly impressive 2,750-bottle wine list with a focus on California cult wines and other highly rated, world-class vintages).

The Chef's Cut

On a recent evening out, my husband and I indulged in an opulent gourmet experience defined by standout cuisine, stellar service (hyper-attentive yet unobtrusive) and an elegant setting.

Thinking of the Farmer’s Market Soup (creamy artichoke with pear on this night), the divine melt-in-your-mouth Pacific Diver Scallops accompanied by cauliflower and picked shemeji mushroom), or their Scarlet Beet Root “Ravioli” - a pastaless take enhanced with artisanal goat cheese and hazelnut vinaigrette are enough to get my tastebuds watering. But what a treat to experience the incredible food and locale at once.

Selanne Steak Tavern Shaved Fennel and Winter Greens 5

My strictly meat-and-potatoes husband opted for the cooked-to-perfection Cedar River Farms hand-cut filet mignon accompanied by smoked trumpet mushroom and cipolinni garnish, truffle butter and bordelaise. Although I typically lean toward seafood, I happily opted for a new nightly special called “The Chef’s Cut” - a rotating offering of exceptional entrees using not as well-known cuts of meats. The resulting dishes - like the Brazilian Picanha Steak (juicy, tender and succulent) - allow Chef Vince Terusa and his team to create something fun and flavorful for guests that are reflective of global cultures and cuisines.

Take your pick from any of the classic or seasonal dishes, sip of the curated wine list - and keep coming back for more. Winter, spring, summer or fall: there’s a taste for every season.

Selanne Steak Tavern
1464 S. Coast Highway
Laguna Beach
(949) 715-9881

There’s a specific kind of joy in that first sip of a good Guinness. Brewed first in Ireland in 1759, the authentic flavor and distinctive look upon pouring it straight from a tap makes it one of the most recognizable beers on the planet. Its reputation, like that of Dublin 4 Gastropub, is unmatched.

IMG 1824The family vegetable garden in County Mayo was where the food grew: really good food. The idea of fare that was not fresh caught, plucked, or picked became as foreign to executive chef David Shofner and his team as a pint of Guinness without its signature foamy double-poured head.

Dublin 4 opened its doors ten years ago this past St. Patrick’s Day, and are still offering farm-to-table, chef-driven, flavorful dishes. Relax, take advantage of the finest cocktails or even a whiskey tasting, and sink into an authentic draught: delicious on tap.

IMG 1986

As it happens, my husband’s ancestry harkens back to County Galway, so he’s pretty partial to all things Irish while I fancy myself a fledgling foodie. A night out in “Dublin” seemed to be an ideal destination for a recent date night and our experience more than delivered.

The charred brussels sprouts with chorizo bilbao, maple dijon vinaigrette and citrus zest paired with Guiness brown bread slathered with whipped butter and clover honey was a flavorful start.

IMG 2045

The diners at the next table raved about their cottage pie (a dish I imagine to be a delicious rendition of an Irish staple) and fabled fried chicken accompanied by jalapeno cheddar cornbread and smoked bacon collard greens.

IMG 2135

For our part, my husband opted for the mouthwatering D4 Gastro Burger topped with aged Irish cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, grilled onions and roasted garlic aioli while I indulged in the pan-roasted salmon with celery root puree, blistered heirloom tomatoes and caramelized shallot.

IMG 2183

We’ll definitely be back for another date night, but were happy to discover that we could also lunch in Dublin any Wednesday to Sunday. Perhaps we’ll even bring our teenage kids with us next time for another scrumptiously inventive culinary adventure.

Dublin 4 Gastropub
26342 Oso Parkway
Mission Viejo
(949) 582-0026

The cancer center will be the most advanced in the region, purposefully designed to be high touch AND high tech.

Patients will receive exceptional, compassionate care from world-renowned cancer experts. They will benefit from innovations designed to get them back to their lives sooner and that make their care experience easier and more convenient. The NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center, opening this year in Irvine, will provide access to more than 400 physicians and 1,000 researchers and scientists solely focused on curing cancer.

Distinguishing services include a clinical research center offering access to phase 1 to 3 trials, an outpatient center offering diagnostic imaging and screenings, medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology and much more.

“People facing cancer need access to the most advanced therapies for their specific type of cancer,” said Dilruba Haque, M.D., a medical oncologist specializing in breast cancer at City of Hope Newport Beach Lido and City of Hope Irvine Sand Canyon. “This advanced technology helps our highly specialized physicians bring the newest and best treatment options to patients who need them today.”

Here’s a glimpse of some of the innovations coming to Lennar Foundation Cancer Center:

Fast and Accurate Therapeutic Technology

Lennar Foundation Cancer Center will utilize the most advanced technology for diagnosing and treating cancer, helping our physicians provide exactly the right treatment at the right time.

Shown here arriving at the cancer center is City of Hope’s new Magnetom Vida, Siemens’ most advanced MRI scanner. The system harnesses a 3 tesla-strength magnet, a pull that is thousands of times that of the earth’s, to provide highly detailed images.

“This leading-edge technology is faster and produces higher quality images than other MRI systems,” said Jessica Patel, City of Hope Orange County’s director of diagnostic radiology. “It gives our physicians a clear, non-invasive way to view vital structures in the patient’s body and enhances our diagnostic capabilities both before and after cancer treatment. Advanced imaging techniques like these can also be used to guide or in some cases even avoid a biopsy.”

Robotic Surgery

The benefits of robotic surgery include speedier recovery and a quicker return to normal life. Lennar Foundation Cancer Center will offer minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgery as its highly skilled surgeons utilize a da Vinci surgical system.

The latest robotic machines add an astounding level of precision. 3D video screens enable surgeons to see more (even around corners), while ultra-miniature instruments are guided to remove the smallest, most awkwardly located tumors no human hand could ever reach.

City of Hope Orange County’s highly specialized cancer care is available now, near you. To make an appointment at any of our four Orange County locations, call:

Newport Beach Fashion Island: (949) 763-2204
Newport Beach Lido:
(949) 999-1400
Irvine Sand Canyon:
(949) 333-7580
Huntington Beach:
(714) 252-9415

While the robotic arms may look straight out of a futuristic movie, they give highly trained and skilled surgeons the added benefits of technology that helps extend their capabilities.

There’s more in store as the future of cancer medicine arrives in Orange County. As the future unfolds, we’ll make sure high tech AND high touch are two things patients can count on throughout their journey at City of Hope.

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