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Yappy Hour, The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel’s monthly cocktail party for canines and their companions, returns this season for tail wagging fun. Dapper dogs, haute hounds and classy canines are invited to party with other pups and pooches and lap up libations such as bacon, chicken, and beef-infused water and the ever popular house-made dog biscuits, while their companions relax with a glass of Mutt Lynch Unleashed Chardonnay, Merlot Over and Play Dead, or Chateau d’Og Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cocktails, beer and a savory selection of barbecue items are also available for purchase. As part of the resort’s Community Footprints program, proceeds from Yappy Hour will once again benefit The Veterans Initiative™ of Canine Companions for Independence.

With a dramatic increase in wounded veterans, The Veterans Initiative™ provides an opportunity for veterans to regain their independence through the support of Canine Companions for Independence assistance dogs.

Situated atop a seaside bluff with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and more than three miles of sandy beach, The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel is continues to redefine the guest experience by creating distinctive and unforgettable moments that instill memories that last a lifetime. For more information, call the hotel directly at 949-240-2000 or visit

2017 Yappy Hour Dates
Thursday, May 25 | 5 to 8 p.m.
Thursday, June 22 | 5 to 8 p.m.
Thursday, July 27 | 5 to 8 p.m.
Thursday, August 24 | 5 to 8 p.m.
Thursday, September 28 | 5 to 8 p.m.

Making Your Memories with Rock & Roll and Doo Wop

In the mid 1990’s I attended a concert in Glendale, Ca. that headlined the world-famous Platters. Knowing that the Platters had been around since the late 50’s I was somewhat surprised at how “young” they were. I attributed their somewhat unorthodox style to their longevity. Bringing a long playing 33 1/3 RPM album of theirs, I looked at the photos. The people on stage did not even remotely look like those on my favorite album. What was going on here?

As the music industry grew to gigantic proportions, so did the complications it created. By the late 1990’s, many of the original artists passed away or left the industry. The legal rights to their names, the groups, and their music many times went into limbo or were seized for monetary gain. One could pick up a trade journal and find a group called the Platters, Drifters, Coasters, Flamingos or Olympics playing in two or three venues across the country simultaneously.

Back-up musicians would laugh when one of the phony groups did not make it to perform. The fake “Coasters” who had just performed, changed out of their red spangly suits into blue outfits and reemerged as the Drifters!

It is done cleverly. There is usually at least one old guy in the phony group, so the audience can say: that must be the Real One!” For example; there are only two remaining members of the original Drifters, Bobby Hendricks and Charlie Thomas. I once saw Charlie Thomas attending a concert. He went on stage, grabbed the mic and let the audience know: “This is NOT the Drifters!” He pushed them off stage and caused havoc for the promoters.

At another concert, a group calling themselves the Shangr-La’s (“Leader of the Pack”) tried to gain legal rights to the group name and bragged about their history together on stage. One was barely out of diapers and introduced her Mom, implying that she was both a member of the original group (which she was not) and also her mother (which she was not).

If we plunk down our money to see a group perform, it should have something to do with the group. Somebody must really have been a part of “Yakety-Yak,” “Charlie Brown,” or “Poison Ivy.” Yes, the lead singers may have passed away, (Ben E. King, Carl Gardner and Tony Williams come to mind) but at least one member should be an original.

Many of the original artists who were not able to protect the rights to their music decided to do something about it. As chairman of the Truth in Music Committee at the Vocal Group Hall of Fame, Jon Bauman, better known as “The Bowzer,” was a longtime member of the Doo Wop group Sha Na Na. He provided the impetus to pass a law to protect the consumer from imposter groups that tried to pass themselves off as the real thing in live performances. Today, laws have been passed in over thirty-three states to ensure that, with very few exceptions, a member of the authentic recording group must be in the group that performs or own a legitimate federally registered trademark to the group’s name. Thus, the Truth in Music legislation.

When you plan to attend the next oldies concert, conduct some research. If you see a Platters concert advertised, look for the name Sonny Turner. He is the only surviving member of this iconic group. Look for Bobby Hendricks or Charlie Thomas if the Drifters are billed to perform. Terry Johnson has been a member of the Flamingos since 1952 and still performs throughout the country. There is currently no member of the Coasters alive to perform so buyer beware. There is a group called the Del-Vikings and lead singer Kripps Johnson Jr. has taken over for his deceased father and carried the name forward. Bottom line; check it out, or email me and I will!

Today, you will see groups that bill themselves as ‘tribute groups,’ or spell the group name differently. That is the result of Truth in Music legislation and the efforts of Jon “The Bowzer” Bauman.

Our audiences clearly think they are honoring the body of work, the legacy, the deep pleasure this music has given us since, well, you know how long! This defining music has been a cornerstone in bringing people together as much or more than any piece of civil rights legislation could do.


Joe D 1Making Your Memories is a commentary on the music of the 1950’s and early 60’s. “Joe D” is an on-air talent for Orange County based KSBR FM 88.5 and is host of “MAKING YOUR MEMORIES” Sunday nights at 10PM. He is also author of “Making Your Memories With Rock & Roll and  Doo Wop - -The Music and Artists of the 1950’s and early 60’s.”

May 30 - June 11, 2017

Segerstrom Center for the Arts is delighted to announce that the first U.S. National Tour of the hit musical THE BODYGUARD, will play Segerstrom Hall from May 30 – June 11, 2017. Grammy® Award-nominated and multi-platinum R&B/pop recording artist and film/TV actress Deborah Cox stars as Rachel Marron. In the role of bodyguard Frank Farmer is television star Judson Mills. The role of Rachel Marron will be played by Jasmin Richardson in the Saturday matinee and Sunday evening performances.

Former Secret Service agent turned bodyguard, Frank Farmer, is hired to protect superstar Rachel Marron from an unknown stalker. Each expects to be in charge; what they don’t expect is to fall in love. A romantic thriller, THE BODYGUARD features a host of irresistible classics including “So Emotional,” “One Moment in Time,” “Saving All My Love,” “Run to You,” “I Have Nothing,” “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” and one of the biggest selling songs of all time – “I Will Always Love You.”

Tickets start at $29 at the Box Office - 600 Town Center Drive in Costa Mesa. For information, call (714) 556-2787 or visit

Doktor Kaboom: LIVE WIRE!
April 1 & 2

Moon Mouse: A Space Odyssey
April 22 & 23

From the science lab to the moon, Segerstrom Center’s Family Series continues with two Center debuts, Doktor Kaboom: LIVE WIRE! and Moon Mouse: A Space Odyssey on April 22 & 23 in Samueli Theater. Doktor Kaboom! is an interactive one-man science variety show. Creatively blending theater arts with the wonders of scientific exploration, Doktor Kaboom’s supercharged (and super safe!) science experiments will have audiences erupting with laughter and bubbling with curiosity. With more than 1,000 performances since 2009 Doktor Kaboom! has performed for more than 500,000 people. Join him for a side-splitting journey of increasingly spectacular, and often successful, experiments and demonstrations.

Marvin the mouse wants to be popular. Constantly bullied and picked on by the “cool” rats, he is labeled as a loser and a geek. As respite from the continuous badgering, Marvin retreats into his science books and a world of fantasy. He longs to have adventures and to be the hero. Join Marvin on the space adventure of a lifetime: a trip to the surface of the moon on his homemade rocket, where he meets a strange cast of misfit creatures, learns of infinite peril and views awesome beauty. Will Marvin make his dreams come true and experience the glory and acceptance he craves? Lightwire Theater is proud to present Moon Mouse: A Space Odyssey, a cosmic adventure about celebrating differences. Combining dance, puppetry, and traditional theater, the costumes, props and sets come to life as electroluminescent wires create dazzling and colorful 3D sculptures. This wondrous electroluminescent production features more than 40 delightful characters and a variety of music from pop to classical.

Tickets are $20 each and available online at, at the Box Office at 600 Town Center Drive in Costa Mesa or by calling (714) 556-2787.

A Revolutionary Cancer Therapy for No-Option Patients

Cancer touches everyone. The older we are, the more likely we are to know someone - a family member, friend, colleague, neighbor - who has battled this common killer. Perhaps you have personally been affected. No matter the type of cancer or its stage, the anxiety, worry and fear that accompanies such devastating news is universal.

Now imagine the indescribable stress, overwhelming on every level - emotionally, psychologically and physically - of receiving a “late-stage” cancer diagnosis and then being told that there is no standard of care available to you.

World-renowned oncologist Dr. Baofa Yu knows the feeling all too well. As he was completing his medical schooling in the early 1980s, his mother was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Dr. Yu watched helplessly as she valiantly struggled and eventually succumbed to the ravages of this unforgiving disease. His deeply personal experience not only drove Dr. Yu to help other patients facing a similar health crisis, but charted the trajectory of his subsequent 30+ year career in cancer research - culminating in the introduction of SonataPlus™, a revolutionary cancer therapy that aggressively destroys inoperable cancer tumors by delivering a high concentration of combined FDA-approved chemotherapy medications directly into the tumor via a highly specialized needle used under CT guidance.

A transformative time for cancer therapy

A sonata is a musical piece in which only a single instrument makes noise as its waves travel through the air. A single instrument, sending music out from its center, over disparate forms. Made famous by masterpieces such as Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (1801) for piano, the composition typically consists of small movements, related in key, with unique musical characters.

iStock 000036003438 Double elderly couple man woman happy daughter sitting smiling 1In December 2015, Dr. Yu co-founded New Life Cancer Centers (NLCC) to develop a masterpiece in cancer treatment. Perhaps the most profound cancer therapy to walk the stage in decades, SonataPlus™ is making music where only silence resounded before. Attacking very advanced tumors considered untreatable by traditional care practices, SonataPlus™ uses patented autologous (from one’s own body) anti-cancer vaccines to help minimize secondary tumors from metastasizing, and fires at primary tumors with sniper-like accuracy to keep them from coming back.

“Traditional delivery of chemotherapy drugs has been a shotgun approach - flood the bloodstream with chemicals to attack any and all cancerous cells and hope it leaves enough good behind to recover once the bad is gone,” says Greg DiRienzo, CEO of New Life Cancer Centers (treatment is available at its state-of-the-art facility in Tijuana. The world headquarters for NLCC is in La Jolla, California). “With SonataPlus™, 95% or more absorption is achieved, targeting the primary tumors, rendering them powerless to spread their cells through the bloodstream. It only kills tumor cells, not normal cells, and does not reduce, but rather increases natural immune functions in the body.”

  • We do not CUT the tumor out (surgery) which can lead to infections and potentially severe physical complications.
  • We do not BURN the tumor (radiation), which often impacts healthy surrounding tissue and can lead to other serious complications.
  • We do not POISON the body (typical chemotherapy) which usually results in significant pain and negative side effects like hair loss, nausea, appetite loss and a compromised immune system.

According to Dr. Michael Baudry, NLCC Chief Scientific Officer, “Under the supervision of Dr. Yu, NLCC specially trained physicians and affiliates have used SonataPlus™ to safely treat over 30,000 global cancer patients over the past decade. The vaccine penetrates affected areas, and lingers for up to 20 days, continuing to destroy cancer cells.

C9Qtsx2dibshWxaJK7cxQTcrs7WV“Although New Life Cancer Centers has experienced extraordinary success in treating stage 3 & 4 “No Option” cancer patients, SonataPlus™ has proven extremely effective in killing a wide range of solid tumors, including liver, lung, breast, prostate, bladder, tongue, rectal, ovarian, as well as many others such as specific brain and bone cancers.”

Unparalleled procedure = distinct advantages

“SonataPlus™ is a minimally invasive procedure with none of the nasty side effects associated with conventional cancer therapy,” says Greg DiRienzo. “We do not cut the tumor out (surgery) which can lead to infections and potentially severe physical complications. We do not burn the tumor (radiation), which often impacts healthy surrounding tissue and can lead to other serious complications. We do not poison the body (typical chemotherapy) which usually results in significant pain and negative side effects like hair loss, nausea, appetite loss and a compromised immune system.”

IMG 3344“Sometimes, the really hard work of watching someone deal with cancer is exactly that - watching them deal with cancer,”, says Dr. Yu. At a minimum, cancer takes an emotional toll on the patient and their family on top of the physiological drain conventional treatments result in. So what if there weren’t side effects? What if there wasn’t anything more to deal with than the cancer itself? Three brief treatments once a week over two weeks is all it takes.

“I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer with tumors in my neck and throat,” says Larry Clapp. “I refused to start seven weeks of chemo, followed by seven weeks of radiation. I was told to get my affairs in order. Six weeks after my last treatment (at New Life Cancer Centers) most of the tumors were gone … and the last one was shrinking. I had energy to play with my grandkids again.” Larry’s wife Susan adds “thank you New Life Cancer Centers for saving my husband’s life.”

IMG 3331In the musical world, the sonata is a creative sniper. A single thematic wonder, disparate from the shotgun blast of a concerto or symphony. Elegant, simple, and razor sharp in its efficacy. The same could be said of SonataPlus™ - a single note, resounding long after it was initially played.

If you, or someone you care about, has cancer … call New Life Cancer Centers at (800) 205-8101. A member of their trained, compassionate staff will be happy to answer all of your questions - at no charge. Or visit
All information is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions.

Gourmet eats, premium drinks, uncommon gifts and special events worth sharing

There is nothing more satisfying than stumbling upon a hidden gem, especially where food is involved. Big restaurants widely advertised are easy to find and sometimes worth a visit, but discovering that independent establishment or that mom and pop shop that surprises and delights you – now, that’s an experience worth sharing.

Consider this your “stumble” upon Monkey House Café, a hidden gem with a gourmet menu at casual prices, an adventurous atmosphere with a lucky theme, and a human story with layers of interest.
Angeli Poon spent her childhood in Thailand. Eventually she would move to California and become something of a renaissance woman. She raised her four children, managed a number of commercial properties and founded a web development firm, all the while harboring a personal dream of someday curating a specialty gift shop where she could import rare and beautiful items from her native Thailand and the world. When her daughter Rochelle completed a degree in culinary arts, Angeli conceived of a way to fulfill both of their dreams: They would open a gourmet sandwich, coffee and dessert café featuring a gift boutique.

In Rochelle’s mind, the mascot for their mother-daughter venture was obvious. In Thailand, the monkey is not only a common household pet, it is a symbol of prosperity and luck. Angeli and Rochelle found a space on Beach Boulevard, between Ellis and Garfield, and Monkey House Café was born.

Today, Rochelle is involved in the monitoring and quality control of food preparation, creating menus and preparing food for events as well as handling baked goods and special occasion requests (including her specialty custom cupcakes and cookies). Angeli’s business partner – and son-in-law - Dan Untalan oversees all aspects of the day-to-day operations.

At Monkey House Café you’ll find a delicious and healthy lineup of original gourmet sandwiches served on freshly baked bread. Try the Turkey Cranberry on ciabatta; the Veggie Delight with mozzarella, tomato, roasted bell pepper, artichoke, sun-dried tomato and basil pesto; the Monkey Cristo with turkey, ham, swiss, mayo, lettuce and tomato grilled on egg bread… whatever your sandwich choice, pair it with homemade soup, a fresh smoothie or out-of-this-world potato salad and you can’t go wrong.

Rochelle’s passion for pastries and coffee led them on a search for the very best offerings. Monkey House Café serves a full menu of coffee and espresso drinks using the connoisseur’s coffee of choice, illy®, best enjoyed with one of a dozen delicate desserts. Try the raspberry almond or lemon bar, dark chocolate muffin, or the Royal Cookie (chocolate chips, macadamia nuts and coconut) – or all of the above!

If the food is a perfect blend of affordability and excellence, the atmosphere at Monkey House Café is a good blend of casual and comfortable, great for anything from a business luncheon to a friendly get-together to a quick pick-up and go. The visual centerpiece of the dining room is an enormous tree, fabricated to look like it has been uprooted from the Amazon and planted in the midst of the café, creating a fun ambiance without overwhelming your senses.

The Monkey House Café gift shop is Angeli’s labor of love and a surprising treat for café guests, filled with an eclectic offering of fine hand-rendered art, collectibles, jewelry, stationary and small furniture. Angeli personally selects beautiful pieces from around the world. What could be easier than lunching at Monkey House on a weekday and picking up a distinctive gift for a friend or loved one while you’re there?

It’s this kind of “beyond the café” experience Angeli always seems to be conjuring. The more you talk to her, the more you recognize the substance behind the offerings. Angeli is involved with the Huntington Beach community, supporting local nonprofits (Collete’s Home, Olive Crest, Soroptomist and Kiwanis and more) with donations of cash, food and her personal time.

With a concern for connecting with the community, a delightful dining venue, an expansive access to specialty products from around the world and a growing clientele, what’s a family business to do but begin hosting dynamic tastings? Once a month, the Monkey House Café management team will guide you through an exploration of premium wines of California and from other major wine producing countries of the world, paired with scrumptious appetizers and other fun activities including raffle prizes.

As hostess of the event, Angeli shares interesting facts about wines ranging from varietals, laws and regulations, history and much more of wine regions all over the globe. In addition to wine tasting, Monkey House Café showcases seasonal beerfests such as St. Patrick’s Celebration, Oktoberfest and special featured local micro-brews.

Corporate and Family Event Catering

Whether there are five or five hundred mouths to feed, Monkey House brings the flavor to the party with corporate and residential catering at its best – on location or off premises at your offices, corporate outings or event facility.

In fact, catering comprises such a major part of their business – with corporate clients that include Rainbow Disposal, HB Chamber of Commerce, Toyota of HB, Alta Med, Zodiac and PK Real Estate - that Monkey House Café has a professional catering team dedicated to helping their customers with any catering need – large or small. In addition to its extensive array of sandwiches and appetizers, Monkey House Café strives to customize the menu to accommodate their clients’ special requests and work within their budget.

In time for summer

Two summers ago, Monkey House Café introduced Lappert’s Super Premium Handmade Ice Cream with tantalizing tropical flavors such as Nuku Hiva (coconut-pineapple ice cream with brownie pieces and raspberry sorbet), Kauai Pie (coffee ice cream, chocolate fudge, macadamia nut and coconut), Manila Mango and Cookie Monter (kids’ favorite made with double oreo & cookie dough).

Speaking of sweet treats, did we mention that Rochelle’s specialty is her custom cupcakes and cookies? As a result of her passion for creating mouth-watering baked goods, Monkey House Café has garnered quite a following as one of Surf City’s premier dessert destinations for their daily fresh made cookies and assorted dessert bars (lemon, carrot cake, caramel brownie, raspberry almond, smores, pecan and more) which are especially decadent when served à la mode with a scoop of Lappert’s ice cream.

If you’re looking for a particularly inexpensive way to give Monkey House Café a try, consider visiting during happy hours (3pm-6pm daily), when sandwiches, smoothies and glasses of beer and wine are discounted by $1, and each bottle of wine is discounted by $2. It’s an experience you will want to share.

See and taste all that Monkey House Café has to offer by visiting 18862 Beach Blvd. #101,

Huntington Beach, 92648 from 8am-6pm daily, or call an order in for pick-up by calling

April 21-22.

Taj Express explodes with the sounds of India and Bollywood, capturing the vibrant, expressive spirit of the world of Bollywood movies that have been entertaining billions of people in India for generations. Through a fusion of film, dance, and music, this dazzling international sensation takes audiences on a live cinematic journey through modern Indian culture and society. The production is a high energy celebration of new India’s pop music, Bollywood culture, and deep traditions featuring colorful costumes, joyful dance, and thrilling live music.

Single tickets start at $29 and are available online at, at the Box Office at 600 Town Center Drive in Costa Mesa or by calling (714) 556-2787. For inquiries about group ticket savings for 10 or more, call the Group Services office at (714) 755-0236.

While pure Doo Wop must have a group to gather the unique sounds, Rock & Roll single artists and duos were free to pick and choose the vocal styles with the same characteristics, utilizing no name backup groups to add musical flavor.
This analysis of the Doo Wop sounds featured in Part One (February 2017) showcased the music and lyrics, beat instrumentation and nonsense syllables. This article will address group harmony and vocal range. Songs will also be identified along with the artists that typify each element.

Group Harmony

The best part of Doo Wop and other identified 50’s songs has always been the group harmony. Nothing was ‘electronically altered’. It was pure vocal harmony that recognized the human voice as the instrument of choice. From the street corner to the studio, the wide range of voices, from bass, tenor and falsetto, harmonized just as their earlier musical partners did with the barbershop quartets. With the bass singer taking lead or under the tenor, chiming in, or using a blow harmony (oooooo-ah, ah-ooo), the point was to repeat it sufficiently that it maintained the rhythm and most importantly, give us something to remember. Some of the most memorable songs had the “talking bridge” while still others brought in minimal instrumentation.

Give a listen to:

  • Where or When – Dion and The Belmonts
  • Gloria – The Cadillacs, Passions and Vito & The Salutations
  • Just to Be with You – Jimmy Gallagher and the Passions
  • You Belong to Me – The Duprees
  • So in Love – The Tymes
  • The Ten Commandments of Love _ Harvey Fuqua and the Moonglows
  • Two Kinds of People in the World – Little Anthony and the Imperials. For a  unique style of group harmony, listen to their album, “Pure Acappella” (2003)

Vocal Range

Tied to the group harmony was the incredible range that is displayed in the music of the 50’s. From tenor to bass, double leads, melisma (adding syllables to fit the meter of the song) or operatic falsetto domination, artists found convincing ways to influence their music. Some groups added an alto/soprano female member to round out the sound. The use of range perhaps exemplifies the music as unique and represents the very best of the Doo Wop sound.

The degrees by which this music became embedded in the fabric of our memories stayed long after the groups and artists faded into oblivion.

Listen to these songs to “biopsy” the music:

  • Since I Don’t Have You – Jimmy Beaumont and The Skyliners (Janet Vogel hitting those high notes)
  • You Cheated – The Shields (Jesse Belvin on falsetto background)
  • The Closer You Are – Earl Lewis and the Channels
  • The Magic Touch – Tony Williams and the Platters (You-who-oo-ve Got the Magic Touch…) melisma
  • Florence – The Paragons
  • Thinking of You – The Jaguars
  • Duke of Earl – Gene Chandler

Today’s music is but layer upon layer of the original. Sounds like Motown just gave it more depth and texture as new artists and music over laid their brand to the music of the 1950’s and early 60’s. It was built upon, much as the music of the 50’s and 60’s stood on the shoulders of the giants of the 30’s, 40’s and early 50’s.    

The music of the fifties and early sixties was a reflection on the life and styles of its members. The sounds that emanated from the street corners to the studio blended the best lyrics, music, beat, vocal and harmony of the times. The degrees by which this music became embedded in the fabric of our memories stayed long after the groups and artists faded into oblivion. What is left is the memories of the song, the sound and the melody, complete with melisma. Years later attempts to sing along are still there because the words are the same; they have not changed. We certainly know them when we hear them.

Joe D 1Making Your Memories is a commentary on the music of the 1950’s and early 60’s. “Joe D” is an on-air talent for Orange County based KSBR FM 88.5 and is host of “MAKING YOUR MEMORIES” Sunday nights at 10PM. He is also author of “Making Your Memories With Rock & Roll and  Doo Wop - -The Music and Artists of the 1950’s and early 60’s.”

It’s impossible to say what we love most about our issue release parties, especially the most recent one at Tannins Wine Bar & Restaurant.

Located at 27211 Ortega Highway in San Juan Capistrano, Tannins Restaurant & Wine Bar serves up a blend of old world cafe with modern flair. A vast range of both Northern and Southern Italian cuisine along with delectable desserts and specials are prepared fresh daily. With a strong focus on wine and food pairings, Tannins also offers one of the largest selections of wines by the glass in the region - with over 40 different wines to choose from.

Tannins Restaurant & Wine Bar has an incredible selection of fine wines, great specials including “Wine Down Wednesdays” (for 50% off all bottles of wine from 6 pm - 9 pm) and the kind of attentive-yet-unobtrusive service you’re always hoping to get. Visit website: for their menu and catering options. For reservations or more info, call (949) 661.8466.

We know we’re lucky to have such great relationships with our amazing advertisers and that getting together is always a celebration each month! We feel lucky to do what we love, and hope that you enjoy Sorbet Magazine as much as we do!

According to a recent LA Times article, “the Southern California housing market is red-hot again.” 2015 was the second-busiest year since the 2008 recession, and experts are calling for 2016 to be the year that the peak returns to Orange County. With so much hype in the forecast, it can be difficult for both buyers and sellers to track market trends, sift through all the numbers, and forecast what may or may not happen over years to come. I know I’d rather choose a new paint color or build my dream wraparound porch than pore tediously over CoreLogic statistics. And that’s where Sheri Normandin comes into the picture.

Often, determining the difference between one’s skill set and one’s passion leaves much to be desired: a rift not many of us have the luxury to cross over in our professional lives. For Sheri, seeing her skill set and passion collide in the real estate market has revolutionized hers. With over 25 years of executive level management and marketing in over 26 countries, Sheri’s transition to luxury property management was as smooth as can be. In fact, it doesn’t get much smoother than earning herself a top 4% spot in the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Agents nationwide: and an entry in the 2014 and 2015 President’s Club. Yet, unlike a great many OC brokers, Sheri doesn’t hail from Orange County.
“I grew up on a farm,” she notes with a smile. “I’m interested in Orange County in the same way my buyers and sellers are interested: I came here to buy a house for myself, I dealt with the same process, the same negotiations; and I think that makes me uniquely suited to welcome folks to the area.”

With the increased global reach of real estate, understanding and appropriately providing services to meet the various needs out there are constantly added to the equation of buying or selling a home. Sheri services all of South Orange County, not just the city she resides in, and she is willing to go the extra mile to help her clients understand what it is they are really achieving with her at the helm of their housing project.

“The needs of a buyer are vastly different than those of a seller,” she says. “We have seen a strong recovery over the past few years, but with low inventories, it continues to be a sellers market.”

So what questions are you asking as either a buyer or seller in the current market? You may have the perfect paint chip in hand, but what kind of wall would you like to decorate? You may be approaching retirement, and are looking to downsize. Do you have specific square footage in mind? Do you have a budgetary cap? Is there room for the family dog? A yard?

“Floor plans and functionality of a home can vary greatly and rearranging the current use with minor changes can have a much bigger value to a buyer, if they can see it,” says Sheri. “Not all agents can provide that vision. I look for areas I can make the process easier for my clients and actively take things off their plate to reduce stress.”

Because everyone’s motivations are different, a good realtor connects with clients and can manage the expectations on the table, while successfully maximizing results. Finding a broker that will offer more than a minimum level of service however, can be painstaking. With her background in marketing and negotiation, it is no wonder that Sheri has found such success - invaluable when navigating the market and its constant fluctuations.

4 Copps Hill4 Copps Hill“When I’m looking for a prospective agent to sell my home, I’m asking if they do this as a full time job - I’m asking for reviews and references - I’m asking what sets them apart from other agents. Professional photography, quality marketing materials and online exposure are base requirements these days to provide great results for the seller. I go beyond what is expected, which changes with each client. I’ve planted flowers, moved couches. Selling or buying a home can be an emotional experience, and making it as positive as possible is my goal.”

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Finding Body Harmony with Health Works Juice Bistro

A symphony orchestra is typically comprised of seventy to one hundred musicians. Depending on the work being pl...

Less Bluster, More Bustle. Finding Your Way in the Windy City

Travel Jody Robinson

Less Bluster, More Bustle. Finding Your Way in the Windy  City

My first introduction to the city of Chicago was the 1995 film While You Were Sleeping. B-roll of the city’s sk...

Chicago Eats. Distinctive Dining Destinations

Dining Out Sorbet Mag

Chicago Eats.    Distinctive Dining Destinations

312 Chicago136 N. La Salle Street Old World charm and authentic Italian cuisine is at its finest in the heart ...

Addressing Depression - Naturally

Health & Wellness Mary McPherson

Addressing Depression - Naturally

Depression does not discriminate based on your social standing, how much money you have in your bank account, y...

Battling the Isolation Crisis with ALYCEMates

Health & Wellness Jody Robinson

Battling the Isolation Crisis with ALYCEMates

When one contemplates the term “health crisis,” images from the 1995 medical disaster movie Outbreak come to mi...

A Mission for Michael: Setting a New Standard for Recovery

Health & Wellness Sorbet Mag

A Mission for Michael:  Setting a New Standard  for Recovery

Historically, great change has been associated with fire. A great crucible, reforming lives beneath the purifyi...

Pets of the Month

Home Life Jody Robinson

Pets of the Month

This scruffy little guy is King, a four year old cutie who is hoping to meet his match. While King enjoys playi...

Sad Songs, Heartaches and Tragedies

Entertainment Joe D

Sad Songs, Heartaches and Tragedies

“What in the world’s come over you…?” Jack Scott, “What in the World’s Come Over You” The lyrics of the 1950’s...

The Towers at Laguna Wood Willage

Home Life Sorbet Mag

The Towers at Laguna Wood Willage

Ask any resident of The Towers why he or she moved there and you’ll get a similar response: “I was ready to giv...

SOKA Performing Arts Center presents TenPints New Music Series - John Welsh Band - Latin Reggae

Entertainment Sorbet Mag

SOKA Performing Arts Center presents TenPints New Music Series - John Welsh Band - Latin Reggae

Friday, October 20, 2017 @8:00 PM John Welsh Band creates a sound that blends high energy Latin, West African...

Business Showcase: Shamrock Windows and Doors. Insulating Your Investment and Installing a View of t…

Business Showcase Sorbet Mag

Business Showcase: Shamrock Windows and Doors. Insulating Your Investment and Installing a View of the Future

Average temperatures in White Bear Lake, Minnesota range from -6 degrees Fahrenheit to 106. It isn’t difficult ...

Platinum Pacific. Your Retirement Community Leader in Quality Remodels

Business Showcase Jody Robinson

Platinum  Pacific. Your Retirement Community Leader  in Quality Remodels

There has been a surge in popularity over the past decade in the field of home renovation. At first, it was sim...

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Health & Wellness

Mobile Dental USA. Bringing the Dentist to You!

Mobile Dental USA. Bringing the Dentist to You!

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The  “Mindful Mover’s” Wish List

The “Mindful Mover’s” Wish List

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Law: Estate Planning

Real Estate Spotlight. Sheri Normandin of Berkshire Hathaway

Real Estate Spotlight. Sheri Normandin of Berkshire Hathaway

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The Orange Catholic Foundation offers an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy

The Orange Catholic Foundation offers an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy

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