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Ask any resident of The Towers why he or she moved there and you’ll get a similar response: “I was ready to give up all the hassle of home ownership. For me, living in a hotel-style condo was the answer. All utilities, basic cable, on-site maintenance, weekly housekeeping, a meal plan, and entertainment, it’s all included in the monthly assessment.”

KZ Morihiro, 55 when she moved in, was traveling when she came across an article about the Laguna Woods Village. She looked at some real estate listings and then saw the picture of The Towers – and fell in love. “It’s like living in a hotel! I like that I can be gone for a month and not have to worry about spider webs or break-ins.” She likes the live entertainment and the fact that she can choose to socialize or be by herself without noisy neighbors. “I can’t believe that I actually get to live in a place like this.”

KZ MorihiroKZ MorihiroNestled in the heart of fabled Orange County, The Towers is the premier active adult gated community in Southern California for those 55+, working or retired. The Towers is close to the gate on Santa Maria (and Moulton Parkway) and has easy access to the 405 and 5 freeways and the John Wayne/Santa Ana Airport. And it’s a short drive to Laguna Beach and world-class professional theaters – Laguna Playhouse, South Coast Rep, and Segerstrom Center for the Arts – and lots of fine dining and casual restaurants.

 Steve Handelman Steve HandelmanLiving in a condo in Reseda, recently retired, and only 59, Steve Handelman was considering simplifying his life. He was searching the web and came across a website on The Towers. “The information about the food service and the vast menu choices caught my attention. I certainly wasn’t much of a cook, so I decided to check it out. And when I found out about the variety of activities and professional entertainment, I was sold. And since I moved in, I couldn’t be happier with the quality of life I’ve found.”

Consider for a moment that you live in a spacious condominium with panoramic views in a 14-story building. The Towers features two dining rooms, a pub, a game room, two lounges with private meeting nooks, an auditorium, two hearth rooms serving twice-daily complimentary coffee and cookies, Wi-Fi in the common areas, two outdoor entertainment patios, covered carports and a 9-hole executive golf course across the street.

“Why not trade up to the carefree life The Towers provides?” asks Board President, Ryna Rothberg, 74 when she moved in. “In addition to all the amenities, our residents enjoy a variety of weekly activities at no additional cost, such as movies, happy hours, professional entertainment, billiards and table tennis, and a great meal plan that offers a choice of lunch or a 3-course dinner. All this and you can even bring your pet!”

Maureen MamulaMaureen MamulaThe pet friendly policy was the selling point for Maureen Mamula, 58 and still working, and her beloved Chihuahua, Charlie Brown. “Sure it was nice not to have to cook dinner when I got home, and the weekly housekeeping was a plus, too. But what I really wanted was a pet-friendly environment. It was very important to me to find a place where neighbors also had dogs so Charlie wouldn’t be alone all day.”

As a member of The Towers, residents have full access to all the Village recreational facilities. In addition to tennis and golf, there’s lawn bowling greens, pickle ball courts, 5 swimming pools, 2 fitness centers, and a community transportation system with buses that stop right in front of The Towers.

No doubt about it, life at The Towers offers everything any 55+ year old can dream of.

The Towers at Laguna Woods Village is located at 24055 Paseo del Lago West in Laguna Woods. 

For information, visit

Friday, October 20, 2017 @8:00 PM

John Welsh Band creates a sound that blends high energy Latin, West African, reggae, and folk-rock rhythms that get crowds moving wherever they perform.

A world traveler by nature, John Welsh lived and studied in Central America where he was heavily influenced by the music, language, and culture. Joined by his brother Chris, bass; Nathan Larsen, drums; Devin Modugno, lead guitarist; and Nigerian born, Courage Eigbike, who brings his reggae and West African influenced sound to the group. Together, the band creates songs with the vision of bringing their world music sound to a mainstream audience.

Performing in both English and Spanish the John Welsh Band wins over audiences with a high energy show that emphasizes crowd participation, upbeat rhythms, and singalong choruses. Winner of the 2016 Fraser Valley Music Award and declared one of Vancouver’s best bands of 2016 by Vanmusic, the John Welsh Band has “a natural command of the stage combined with infectious toe-tapping songs that puts one in mind of sunny beaches and happy times” (CBC Vancouver).

Tickets: $20 ($16 student/senior/military)

Average temperatures in White Bear Lake, Minnesota range from -6 degrees Fahrenheit to 106. It isn’t difficult to calculate the beneficial cost of installing new windows and doors against the price of keeping a heater or air conditioning unit running year round, just to take the edge off.

Dan and Jackie Gagan are no strangers to the highs and lows of a Minnesota season, and have taken their weather expertise straight to the market with Shamrock Windows and Doors. In 1986, Dan began in the business sweeping the shop floor of a wood window and door company. Quickly progressing to building the doors and windows which led him to the field, where he began installing them himself. “I started my own business because I felt we could do it better.”

Escaping to the milder California climate 31 years ago, Dan and Jackie have built their business on the firm belief that they are giving customers the best quality service and products, “in today’s technological market.” Being comfortable in one’s home is tantamount to their customer service guarantee: “we want to make sure our customer is happy. We have a 93% referral rate, and repeat customer base.”

FullSizeRenderCarrying both a glazing and a general contracting license, Shamrock is also unique in that they do not need to subcontract jobs out. “Our installers are all company employees: and we back the work all our people perform,” says Dan. With experience of more than 32 years, and an installation crew boss with more than 18 years of knowledge backing his own work, Dan and Jackie Gagan have an immense amount of pride in their team. At times, with specific jobs, they call on a structural engineer to ensure that expansions of openings do not compromise the stability of the home during an earthquake. But as general contractors, “we’re licensed to perform changes in window or door size, and location.”

4 Mandalay 002With everything from single hung windows to casement or bay windows, Shamrock has the frame you’re looking for, to match the style and price you want. Don’t know much about materials? Their team of industry professionals can help you sort out the differences between wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum. Some require more upkeep - some are simply more efficient at enabling ventilation during inclement weather. Regardless of the conditions you’re facing: be it -6 or balmy 75 degrees, replacing old windows and doors can provide extra savings in your pocket and a high level of comfort in your home.

Shamrock Windows and Doors is located at 23288 Del Lago Drive in Laguna Hills. Connect with Dan, Jackie and their team by calling (949) 586-8570 or visit

DSC 0735The idea of a time capsule is not a new one. Made with the intention that they should be opened at a later date to help future generations understand the current time more accurately, or to recall a celebratory time in history: like a World’s Fair, or momentous birthday. A collection of moments, or trinkets, or letters of memory are often included: personal artifacts that shed light on a distilled moment in time.

Tom and Nicole Ladegaard are no strangers to the idea of personal artifact. In fact, they make it their business to gently tread through the stories of seemingly run-of-the-mill lives and dredge up the extraordinary details. The details that make the finding so sweet- and the telling worth the time.

Originally dedicated to practicing law, Tom found that one of the most critical tasks he performed on a daily basis was recording witness testimony in depositions. “I developed a knack for arriving prepared, asking probing questions, and following verbal and nonverbal cues of the interview subject.”

Being deeply empathetic led Tom to ask questions of his own grandfather - “I began with a couple (questions) and it just snowballed. What began as a simple project to share with the family became a video and a book about his life.” My own grandfather passed away a little over a year ago. We were close: he, a regular attendee of my soccer games from the time I could walk; I, visiting him during office hours at the college campus at which he taught. And yet, there were so many things I wish I had to carry with me now that he is gone. I stumbled upon Eternal Roots after his passing, and wished that I had found it sooner.

“We launched Eternal Roots after realizing that the value of these pieces was not just something I enjoyed- that a person’s oral history was hugely important to their family and by pairing it with photographs, we could create a memory capsule to cherish forever.” Offering a variety of package options, clients can choose from just the highlights, to a three-hour interview, complete with photos, a fully transcribed book divided into chapters, and memory stick flash drive, ready to upload on any device.

“Take comfort knowing your story will live on,” says Tom. “We’re just a vehicle to celebrate your individuality. The things I found out about my 96-year-old grandfather were some of the most valuable memories of my life - imagine what might surface under guided introspection and reflection, and reconnect your family with its past.”

flash drive webIt comes as little surprise that the project is starting to gain momentum. Tom has interviewed a lumber executive, a pet foods executive, a painter, an author, and anesthesiologist, and an attorney. Next up? A race car driver. “Each of these people now have a priceless artifact connecting them with their children and grandchildren.”

People are starting to pick up on the idea in smaller ways too - with tribute videos that can be shown at anniversaries, birthdays, or other celebrations. “When someone records their story, it provides a bridge between them and their offspring. They’ll learn details about their heritage they never knew, as I spend ⅓ of the interviews detailing my client’s ancestry, as far back as they can go.” Where else can a moment in time be explored over the span of five generations?

The second phase of the interviews cover the client’s own timeline and life story: a personal topography, if you will, charting the lay of a life and exhibiting it for those most cherished to discover. The third phase? Reflection. “We cover the client’s philosophies, spirituality, life lessons, successes or failures. Future generations may see glimpses of themselves in the storyteller, and grow from the experience.” I always knew that my grandfather and I shared a deep love for the outdoors, but how I would love to be able to listen as he told his favorite stories from the trail over and over now that he is gone. Sharing his vast experience in the wild: and living on, collected, in legacy.

The earliest example of a time capsule referenced is typically the Detroit Century Box. Brought to life from the imagination of then mayor, William C. Maybury, it was created on December 31, 1900 - scheduled to be opened a century later. With Eternal Roots, your handcrafted capsule from Tom’s detailed interviews and Nicole’s concept and graphic design assistance, you can relive those distilled moments every day if you like, for the next century and beyond.

Connect with Tom and Nicole by calling (858) 699-2461 or visit

Live Music Performed by Pacific Symphony

December 7 - 17, 2017

Misty Copeland and Daniil Simkin will lead the opening night cast on December 7 dancing the roles of Clara, the Princess and Nutcracker, the Prince, respectively. Subsequent casts include Sarah Lane and Herman Cornejo, Gillian Murphy and James Whiteside, Stella Abrera and Alexandre Hammoudi, and Hee Seo and Cory Stearns in the leading roles. The Nutcracker is a beloved holiday story set to the magical score by Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky. The Los Angeles Times declared, “Choreographer Alexei Ratmansky has made his own Christmas miracle: a joyful ‘Nutcracker’ ballet that is ravishing and clever enough to inspire multiple viewings.”

Scenery and costumes are by award-winning designer Richard Hudson and lighting is by Jennifer Tipton. Pacific Symphony performs the evocative holiday music. Select students from the American Ballet Theatre William J. Gillespie School at Segerstrom Center are afforded the opportunity to perform alongside the renowned ABT troupe in this classic tale that takes the young, romantic Clara and her Nutcracker Prince on a dreamlike journey.

Single tickets for American Ballet Theatre’s The Nutcracker start at $29 are now available online at, at the Box Office at 600 Town Center Drive in Costa Mesa or by calling (714) 556-2787. For inquiries about group ticket discounts for 10 or more, call the Group Services office at (714) 755-0236.

Hearing loss is the third most common health issue in the United States, affecting 36 million U.S. adults. To raise awareness about this growing health concern, in 2008 the American Academy of Audiology designated October as National Audiology Awareness Month.

Every October is devoted to educating the public about the key role audiologists play in hearing care, the importance of regular hearing checkups, and effective methods of hearing protection. In conjunction with the American Academy of Audiology, our goal at Mission Audiology is to improve your quality of life through better hearing.

Hearing loss can result from the normal aging process, but also from excessive loud noise (earbuds, concerts, machinery), ear infections or trauma, damage to the ear by foreign objects (e.g., cotton swabs, bobby pins, etc.), illness, or certain medications.

Better hearing begins with protecting your hearing. If you know you’ll be exposed to extended periods of loud sound, make sure you wear hearing protection such as earmuffs, foam earplugs, or custom hearing protection.

Second, if you experience any of these symptoms, get a hearing test to see if treatment is necessary:

  • Difficulty hearing in noisy environments
  • Often asking people to repeat themselves
  • Often wondering why people seem to be mumbling
  • Keeping the TV or radio at a higher volume than you used to
  • Difficulty hearing in groups

Getting regular hearing checkups is a normal part of maintaining your overall health and wellbeing. Hearing technology helps to maintain your brain’s connection to the world, to people, and to opportunity.

Third, if you are a candidate for hearing aids, seek treatment sooner rather than later. Without treatment, hearing loss can greatly decrease your quality of life and could lead to anxiety, depression, embarrassment, and withdrawal or isolation from normal activities. Hearing aids can bring back the sounds you’re missing to keep you connected to the world around you.

Dr. Burnett from Mission Audiology will be hosting a
free educational seminar
on October 12, 2017.
To learn more about hearing and hearing health,
call Mission Audiology at 949.855.7898
to reserve your seat at the seminar!

Rachel NF3C9432 final NoBckgrndDr. Rachel Burnett is the audiologist currently seeing patients at Mission Audiology, located at 26302 La Paz Road, Suite 107 in Mission Viejo.
Phone: (949) 855-7898 or visit

My sister was hit by a snowboarder when she was sixteen. On skis, just a couple of turns from the bottom of the hill - in plain sight of a SLOW sign. The snowboarder was young; not as young as my sister, but still, a young man. My parents, long-time skiers, contacted him directly, trying to see if they could get any results at all: any reparations for their high-school sophomore, laid up on the couch for innumerable weeks. There was nothing they could do. I remember feeling helpless as a child, watching the entire drama unfold. I can’t imagine what my parents must have felt. No one could help. No loopholes. No empathy, from anyone else involved.

There is a longstanding joke in the mainstream media that all lawyers are snakes. The word attorney no longer brings to mind the grainy black and white image of Gregory Peck defending the downtrodden as Atticus Finch. Certainly, in some cases, the joke must contain some shred of truth. But at Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie, the welcoming, family-like environment they’ve curated isn’t too far off from the home ambience of the fictional Finch family. Folks who actually want to do good in the world. Right wrongs. Obtain real results.

Suzanne Leslie is a managing partner and attorney at Allen Flatt for more than 30 years, and prides herself on the reputation they have built. “Our years of experience have given us more knowledge in the personal industry field than other law firms can claim. What sets us apart is exactly as our tagline says: experience, compassion, results.”

As a firm, Allen Flatt have helped many families through the emotional trauma of a great many personal injury cases. Though they have attorneys that focus on estate planning, preparing wills, trusts, and contest matters, personal injury hits the closest to home. “We care about our clients, and our primary focus is to help them deal with the difficulties of being involved in an accident- be it pedestrian accident, automobile accident, slip and fall, or dog bite.” Handling the claims process for their clients lets them pursue their medical recoveries in peace, unlike my sister, or my parents. Fighting a losing cause often takes more energy than simply healing - or letting someone else rest, to do battle with their own body and take the necessary steps to get back to normal: whatever the new normal looks like.

Offering a free consultation, with the promise that no recovery means no fee, attorneys like Suzanne offer their services on a personal level. “I started out in the personal injury field to help people. I want to make sure my clients feel taken care of through every second of their claim.” Recognized by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys and the National Association of Professional Women, Ms. Leslie has recovered millions of dollars for clients and thousands of settlements for clients.

“Everyone in the firm shares compassion for the clients more than on a business level, and many of us have had first hand personal experience in what they may be going through,” she says.

As a leader in her field, it is imperative to stay abreast of the newest strictures and developments in insurance law. The more she knows, the better her chances of winning your case. Atticus Finch would probably tell you that winning isn’t everything. But sometimes, to folks like my parents, to whom winning would mean seeing my sister get the reparations for her accident paid out, and letting her find her way back to walking again, winning is the only thing.

sblsblFor more information on what Suzanne and her associates can do for you, call (949) 752-7474, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Falls are the fourth leading cause of death among those 65 and older.

75% of those 75 years and older who fall will never return to their previous level of function.

Men are three times as likely to die from a head injury resulting from a fall than women.

90% of hip fractures are caused by falls.

Statistics such as these stoke Adapt 2 It’s passion to educate the community regarding fall prevention and reduction.

Adapt 2 It is a premier Medical Supply Store with 2 locations in Laguna Woods and in Costa Mesa. We are owned by an Occupational Therapist and a Mechanical Engineer and employ the Founder of the Down With Falls Coalition.

These qualifications uniquely position us to speak, educate, and provide those products which will help decrease or eliminate the risk of falls. There are three factors that influence falls. These are Medical, which includes medications and possible disease processes. Environmental, both community and home, and Physical which includes personal attributes such as footwear and attitude. These factors need to be in harmony and balance, and if they are not, just like a two-legged stool, the person will fall. Many ways exist to reduce falls such as deliberately walking, monitoring medications, and maintaining a clutter free environment.

We also recognize that one of the main causes of falls is loss of balance when people rise from a moving chair.

You know the type; big, comfy, worn in, and they rock and swivel. The one thing that folks require when moving from sit to stand is stability. How, then, can one attain needed stability when the surface they are standing from swivels and rocks out from underneath them, effectively assisting them to fall?

Enter the Stable, Comfortable, and Versatile Lift Chair.

One may ask “What is the difference between a recliner from somewhere such as Lazy Boy, and these Lift Chairs? ”

Basically, Lift chairs are Medically designed to assist with a myriad of health issues such as pain, blood pressure fluctuations, and insomnia. The Lazy boy style is a great football chair because it reclines.

Lift chairs recline using a remote control into various positions for comfort, watching tv, reading or visiting, but will then gently assist the user to a standing position when they wish to get out of the chair. They come in multiple fabrics, sizes, and styles, so they fit any size person, and décor.

The standing mechanism is electrically controlled by the user so they can attain exact amount of desired lift appropriate for that moment. The nice thing about these chairs are that some are programable allowing one touch positioning for maximal comfort.

Some even recline fully for sleeping or back pain relief. Because of the ability to attain any position, these chairs also can aid with vital functions such more efficient respiration, and improved digestion.

So, if you are ready to stop falling out of your chair and to start enjoying the safety and comfort that comes with owning a lift chair, please stop by either well stocked Adapt 2 It store today.

Adapt 2 It 24100 El Toro Road Laguna Woods 92637 (15 chairs in stock) 949-457-1600

Adapt 2 It 1590 Newport Blvd Costa Mesa, 92627 (10 chairs in stock) 949-873-5905

Staying close while getting away at Orange County’s most luxurious resort

With all the preparation and waiting that travel requires, sometimes vacationing can be more exhausting than relaxing. After planning an itinerary, arranging papers, booking tickets, prepping sundries, hauling luggage and staying “alert” per the TSA, CHP, FRA, the PA and all the other acronyms – not to mention your better senses – by the time vacation ends it is not uncommon to feel as though you need a vacation from your vacation.

When your goal is to unwind, there is always a strong case for a stay-cation, which means there is always a strong case for the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel.

Since a weekend at the Ritz offers OC locals all the “away-ness” a vacation promises without the attending hassle, it’s an especially attractive option for an uncomplicated getaway for girlfriends seeking a short respite from the obligations of home, husbands and little ones. Within a half hour, you’re in paradise, with no need to leave it until you’re headed home.

RCLAGUN 00378Of course, if you find yourself at any Ritz, you find yourself in luxury; but our Ritz has some special advantages. Most rooms offer breathtaking ocean views from private patios or balconies, and the entire southwest side of the property is ocean-facing, with nothing but sand interrupting the space between building and water. This factor alone transports you; but then it’s all the ritzy little things that make it a getaway.

CloseUpKingBedEvery guest, and every group of girlfriends, at the Ritz-Carlton has a multitude of ways to vacation. Yoga or Pilates classes and an ocean-front fitness center start your days off in wellness; free use of the sauna and steam room at the Ritz-Carlton Spa settles you in for rejuvenation; a Beach Butler Service provides beach recreation equipment including fins, towel service, umbrellas, and beach chairs; access to tennis courts, including rackets, is unlimited.

56473457 7 RF naplesA girlfriend getaway to the Ritz-Carlton arguably would not even be one without a rendezvous with relaxation at the Ritz-Carlton Spa, where therapeutic excellence meets an ocean-inspired approach, using rich minerals, sea salt, algae and water as common treatment elements. The broader resort is an energetic place; stepping into the Spa, the outside world – even the lively Ritz, even the best of friends – fades away to quiet personal peace. The therapists at the Spa are second to none, providing therapeutic and beauty treatments as extensive as the whole body, or as specific as hands, face or feet. The relaxation massage I received was one of the best I’ve ever experienced.

Dining at the Ritz-Carlton is itself a worthy reason to pay a visit any day of the week, but for a girlfriend getaway, you could have a different experience for every meal, each appropriate to the moment: a light, casual breakfast at the Market Place (try the quinoa bowel for a guiltless treat); a poolside snack while lounging midday (the fresh pita and house-made hummus from the Dana Pool Cafe is surprisingly finger-licking); a late drink at the outdoor, oceanfront lounge, 180blũ (the Tequila Sangria is a specialty). Raya, however, is the dining experience that mustn’t be missed.

Raya showcases Chef Richard Sandoval’s signature Pan-Latin coastal cuisine, prepared with sustainable seafood, local produce, and natural and organic meats. You can find breakfast and lunch here, but we opted for an indulgent dinner overlooking the Pacific as the sun set brilliantly. At Raya, every detail of each dish is lovely to the eye as well as the palate, and every detail of table service is expertly executed – all a fitting counterpoint to nature’s exquisite display just on the other side of the glass.

Over chardonnay we shared the lobster tacos, Hamachi tiradito (served on a jicama “tortilla”) and petite lamb lollipops, all succulent ways to start a slow meal with good friends. One of us ordered the miso Alaskan black cod, one of Chef Sandoval’s most popular offerings, and all of us benefitted – it’s a dish that should not be skipped. The halibut and New York prime were delicious, too, accompanied a la carte by the Dungeness crab mashed potatoes (a special recommendation by our server that was the perfect complement to all our main courses). Dessert was an adventure – the churros were an obvious choice, but we were also glad our server suggested the pineapple upside down cake with homemade coconut ice cream, which was like Maui on a plate.

The cod at Raya, the ocean-inspired spa experience, the floor-to-ceiling views, and the prime beach location are all uniquely OC; but take away the “Laguna Niguel” and you still have “Ritz-Carlton,” which is always a compelling option for a vacation-away-from-vacation – with girlfriends, or otherwise.

This Summer at the Ritz-Carlton

You don’t have to stay overnight to enjoy the beauty of the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel this summer.

Live Music & Sushi
@ 180blU
Fridays and Saturdays, music from 5–8pm, sushi from 6–9pm.

Yappy Hour
Thursday, July 27, 5–8pm
Thursday, August 24, 5–8pm
Thursday, September 28, 5–8pm

For people and their pooches! Haute hounds enjoy lapping up libations, thanks to water in his favorite flavor – bacon, chicken, beef or vegan – while human guests relax with a glass of Mutt Lynch Unleashed Chardonnay, Merlot Over and Play Dead, or Chateau d’Og Cabernet Sauvignon. Cocktails, beer and a selection of barbecue items available for purchase. Proceeds support The Veterans Initiative of Canine Companions for Independence.

Italian-Inspired Seafood Celebration
Friday, July 28, 6–9pm

Along with the fresh seafood, a cheesemaker will hand select cheese, as well as educate guests about different cheeses and how to incorporate them into a menu. A selection of wines will complement the evening. $95/person.

A Taste of Baja Experience
Friday, September 8,

This food and wine experience will highlight tapas-style tasting dishes along with 15 boutique wineries from the Baja region of Mexico. $95/person.

300 South High Street (at Fawn St.)
(410) 752-4515

A few years ago, a friend of mine mentioned that she’d stayed in something called an “affittacamere” when she and her husband were travelling through Italy. Living like locals, Airbnb style, except that the apartments were actually owned by locals, and there was no way to find them on Airbnb. Having an authentic Italian experience outside of the hustle of Rome is difficult to find, but Germano’s Piattini is one of those places. Created as a “terzo”, or a home away from home and work, the restaurant’s signature dishes - like Polpette alla Nonna, come straight from your Italian grandmother’s recipe book. Including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, Germano’s restaurant, bar, and cabaret is ready to welcome you home.

Miss ShirleyMiss Shirley’s
750 E. Pratt St.
(410) 528-5373

It is tough to find someone who adores breakfast food more than I do. However, established in 2005 by restaurateur and Baltimore native Eddie Dopkin, Miss Shirley’s Cafe is a tribute to an inspirational employee and personal friend, Miss Shirley McDowell. It is also the cafe equivalent to my love for breakfast, brunch, and lunch - and apparently everyone else’s in the Inner Harbor. With lines out the door (and sometimes around the block) on weekend mornings, Miss Shirley’s has established its reputation as a Maryland landmark. House specialties like Benne Seed Chicken n’ Waffles, or the Gravy Train Southern Skillet are just enough to get your day going right. And if you just want to bask in the brunch all day? Fix your sights on a house made morning cocktail, and say sayonara to dinner - why should the last meal of the day have all the fun anyway?

Modern Cook Shop

Modern Cook Shop
901 S. Wolfe St.
(443) 627-8032

We always have a go to list, those few places to pull from when you need a standby classic that feels like new - where you take friends for drinks, your spouse for anniversaries, your parents when they come into town and you want to impress them. Modern Cook Shop is all of those places. With a team dedicated to creating a menu that speaks for itself, it’s no wonder that Modern Cook checks off all the boxes on the go-to list. Seasonal, local produce prepared on site every day, and paired with delicious draft beers, modern cocktails, or barrel aged favorites, Modern Cook is the place to go for breakfast, lunch, a quick bite on the run, or the happiest hour with your family and friends.

Rusty Scupper

Rusty Scupper
402 Key Hwy.
(410) 727-3678

Let’s be clear: there is absolutely nothing rusty about the Rusty Scupper. In fact, from the city’s best brunch to the uber-attentive staff and majestic harbor view, perhaps the only rusty item to be found at the table is your sense of dining at the highest level of elegance. Located above the Inner Harbor, with a 275-person seating capacity, the Scupper is the perfect place for after dinner drinks with your coworkers, or the quintessential Sunday brunch, complete with jazz and a complimentary seasonal drink. A menu that can only be described as the “seafood lover’s dream”, the Rusty Scupper takes the guesswork out of finding a local gem for all types and tastes.

FrenchKitchenThe French Kitchen
20 W. Baltimore St.
(410) 539-8400

It has been a number of years since Julia Child made Beef Bourguignon famous. Yet slow cooked beef, bacon lardon, baby carrots, and parsnip puree are gathering up at The French Kitchen in the Lord Baltimore Hotel and presenting themselves, along with other magnificently contemporary imaginings of classic dishes and captivating taste buds all over the city. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the top of the lobby’s grand staircase, The French Kitchen is focused on market-driven interpretations of bistro fare, and tabling it in the historic mirrored Versailles Room, ensuring a culinary experience like no other.

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Travel for our family has always been an exciting opportunity to explore both far-flung destinations and closer...

Absolutely Fabulous. The Happiest Place in HB for the Holidays!

Business Showcase Jody Robinson

Absolutely Fabulous. The Happiest  Place in HB for the Holidays!

The nature of gift purchasing has changed greatly since the advent of the internet. How has Absolutely Fabulous...

Everyday California Adventures

Travel Jody Robinson

Everyday California Adventures

There is perhaps no more educational and entertaining way to experience the La Jolla Ecological Reserve (the pr...

Be in The Know: Home Sellers Have Options

Law: Estate Planning Sorbet Mag

Be in The Know:  Home Sellers Have Options

As the real estate industry continues to adapt to changes in the market, alternative methods of buying and sell...

What We Do with our Grief

Education Sorbet Mag

What We Do with our Grief

By Becky Lomaka, MA, CTDirector of Grief Support and Education O’Connor Mortuary It’s been a rough few wee...

A Century of Luxury at The Newport Beach Hotel

Travel Jody Robinson

A Century of Luxury at The Newport Beach Hotel

I’ve lived in Orange County a long time. Without completely dating myself, I moved here for college and never...

How Can I Tell If I Have Skin Cancer?

Health & Wellness Kristy Fleming, MD

How Can I Tell If I Have  Skin Cancer?

There are three main types of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Because...

Laid Back Luxury at Estancia La Jolla

Travel Jody Robinson

Laid Back Luxury at Estancia La Jolla

Southern California is well known for its gorgeous year-round weather. Truly though, there are few places with ...

How City of Hope’s World-Class Care Transformed a Grateful Patient’s Breast Cancer Journey

Health & Wellness Sorbet Mag

How City of Hope’s World-Class Care Transformed a Grateful Patient’s Breast Cancer Journey

Sarah Sanders wasn’t shocked when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 41 in September 2015. In fact, ...

Home Safety Advisors: Helping Seniors Live Safely in Their Own Home Longer!

Business Showcase Jody Robinson

Home Safety Advisors: Helping Seniors Live Safely in Their Own Home Longer!

By the time my friend’s grandmother passed away at 92, she had fallen six times. Two of those falls resulted ...

Terranea Resort

Travel Jody Robinson

Terranea Resort

Complete Coastal Comfort at a Hidden Gem on the Los Angeles Coast Just last summer, my husband and I had plans...

Reduce Peripheral Neuropathy and Chronic Pain without Drugs or Surgery!

Health & Wellness Sorbet Mag

Reduce Peripheral Neuropathy and Chronic Pain without Drugs or Surgery!

Infinity Medical and Wellness offers a tremendously successful treatment option - FDA Cleared and Covered by Me...